Memorial Day Parade

Town Council Candidates

Consistent, steady leadership. That’s what the Chatham Party promised in 2011 and that’s what our elected candidates delivered. This year, we have endorsed the same five candidates for Town Council with same promise to deliver two more years of stability and positive progress. Meet Glenn Suprono, Derek Johnson, Sue Weintraub, Kyle Dostaler and Angela Sarahina. [Read More…]

Board of Finance

Board of Finance Candidates

The role of the Board of Finance is to look out for best interest of taxpayers. This requires a commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, sound planning and open communication. The Chatham Party has endorsed three candidates who have pledged to support these values and keep taxes low while improving town services. Meet Scott Sanicki, Pat Gauthier and Paul Hoffman. [Read More…]

My Future Matters

Board of Education Candidates

This is truly a time of great change in education. The Chatham Party has a proven reputation for being prepared, thoughtful, insightful, communicative and open-minded. Our candidates for Board of Education, as well as all of our candidates, will continue this tradition. What’s more, they bring a range of perspectives that reflect the diversity of our town. Meet Kelly McLaughlin, Peter Levy, Joelyn Leon and Liz Whitty. [Read More…]


BAA Candidates

Board of Assessment Appeals

All East Hampton residents deserve experienced, unbiased and knowledgeable consideration of tax assessments applications. Our candidates are the only ones on the ballot who have served on the BAA and know what is required. They both have received training from the state and will ensure that every citizen is treated with respect and fairness. Meet John Hines and Barbara Suprono. [Read More…]

Zoning Board of Appeals

ZBA Candidates

Zoning Board of Appeals

Along with the other appointed and elected municipal officials in our community, the members of the ZBA play an important role in protecting the personality and vitality of our community. They are responsible for interpreting our zoning regulations, granting variances and applying the rules fairly and consistently to all property owners in East Hampton. The Chatham Party has endorsed two candidates for full positions on the board. Meet Lois McCutcheon and Carolyn Beamer. [Read More…]

Letters of Support

Vote for Diversity

Diversity of Backgrounds and Opinions

I have watched the Chatham Party operating on nothing but a “shoe-string” budget and the hard work of dedicated members of independents, republicans and democrats become the recognized and established minor political party of East Hampton. [Continue Reading…]

Moving Forward

Compromise & Accomplishments

As a candidate for Town Council and as Chairman of the Chatham Party, I’m proud of what the Town has been able to accomplish within the past two years.

We have a new Town Manager, a new Police Chief, a new Superintendent and more recently a new Public Works Director. Competent, professional people. [Continue Reading…]

Your Vote Matters

A Message to Independent Voters

As an independent voter you made a conscious decision to depart from the status quo and perhaps the stalled momentum of the current two-party system in our country. You made a statement through your choice of political party that says you are no longer satisfied with the unending stalemates, in-fighting and inertia of our political system. [Continue Reading…]

Common Sense

Common Sense Approach

After reading the statements of the Democrats, Republicans and Chatham Party town council candidates in last week’s Rivereast News, I was struck by the Chatham Party’s common sense approach to planning and why they have accomplished so much. [Continue Reading…]

Vote for Community

Respectfully Asking for Your Support

When I moved to East Hampton eleven years ago the future held so many promises. As parents, our priority was raising our children and providing them with the tools and love necessary to succeed in life. Fortunately, along this journey I have learned so much myself. [Continue Reading…]

Vote for Competency

Why Vote Chatham Party

Chatham Party Brings Tone of Civility to East Hampton Council Meetings:”   This was The Hartford Courant’s headline of our town news on December 17, 2011, one month after the Party won the majority on the Town Council.  Why vote for the Chatham Party? [Continue Reading…]

Vote for My Mom

Endorsing My Mom

My name is Laura Bengston; I am currently enrolled at Central Connecticut State University with a major in psychology. Getting an advanced education, while sometimes exhausting and frustrating, is one of the most important opportunities anyone can undertake. [Continue Reading…]

Vote for the Chatham Party

Civility, Compromise & Progress

The Chatham Party believes that the political issues that divide us nationally
should not define us locally. [Continue Reading…]